“It’s just a piece of meat between buns and other stuff, but it makes a lot of people happy”

Today, we are talking about Burgers and specifically “The Best Burgers in Toronto”. After all, there are hundreds of Burger restaurants in the city, but which ones are the best?

We used ParseHub, a free powerful web scraper, to scrape data from well-known review websites (Such as Yelp) and analyzed the reviews of hundreds of people to come up with the best burgers that you can have in Toronto.

Here’s a list of the top burger joints where you can have the most delicious burgers across the city.

  • Matty's Patty's Burger Club
  • The burger's priest
  • The Burgernator
  • Rudy
  • Johnny’s Hamburgers

Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club

With an average rating of 4.2 stars across all reviewing platforms, and with the most reviews, Matty’s Patty’s burger club is the place where people enjoy their burgers the most.

The most loved burger was found out to be the cheeseburger which people consider the most economical and delicious burger you can have if you are in Toronto.

The juicy Matty’s Patty’s sauce is the specialty of this burger club and that’s what makes their burger mouth-watering delicious. And as per the review of a user on Yelp

“The burger is godly! Meat was so tender... all the ingredients taste great and blend perfectly. It's a burger made with love”

  • Address: 923 Queen Street West
  • Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 2:45 pm and then again from 4 pm to 9 pm.
  • Website - mattyspattysburgerclub.com

The Burger’s Priest

“Popular burgers cooked on a flat-top grill in a compact space with a religious theme & secret menu.”

How would you like to have a burger that does not get in the way of your precious diet plan?

The answer is The Burger’s Priest. Specializing in their wide variety of buns including burgers for your keto, vegan, paleo diets, and more.

For more standard fare, customers can also order from the extravagant secret menu which features all kinds of different burgers.

Burger's Priest Opening in Mississauga | insauga.com

According to the data we’ve scraped, The Bacon Burger and Cheeseburgers were the most loved and the Double cheeseburger was the most bought.

  • Address – Various Locations across the GTA region.
  • Hours – opens at 11 a.m. everyday with different closing hours across the week.
  • Website - theburgerspriest.com

The Burgernator

“The burger is our weapon. Toronto, our battlefield.”

With a menu titles such as Burgers of mass destruction and Classic Arsenal this place has a pretty unique style of burgers.Their burgers feature a unique variety of toppings such as grilled pineapple, mango salsa, rosemary aioli and more.

They too have their own Burgernator Sauce which adds tons of flavour to their burgers.

The Big Bang Burger ~ 6oz all beef patty, with buffalo chicken strips, and a  rosemary garlic aioli. @ The Burgernator in Toronto (OS) (640 x 640) :  FoodPorn

The Big Bang burger is the most recommended by reviewers all around Toronto which is a must-try. As reviewed by a customer on Yelp:

“There are way too many burger places in Toronto but if you want the juiciest and most delicious burgers, The Burgernator is definitely a place for you to try.”

  • Address - 269 Augusta Avenue
  • Hours – Opens 10 a.m. and closes around 11 p.m.
  • Website - theburgernator.com


Rudy has the best smashburgers in Toronto.

Yup you heard it right or at least that’s what people are talking about these days. Rudy has the best smashburgers in town and the cheesiest burgers that one can ever imagine. They too have a special sauce “Rudy Sauce” which makes their burgers more delicious.

Rudy Toronto On M6g 1b5

The burgers to look out for are the Rudy cheeseburger, which people recommend the most, or by spending some extra bucks you could get the Rude Dude the double cheeseburger which is even more delicious and drool-worthy.

Rudy has an average rating of 4.0 and great reviews such as:

“One of the best burgers I've had. It's a simple no frills burger that gets big points with good taste and simplicity. I would definitely go again.”

Rudy is definitely a place to watch out.

  • Address – Various locations across Downtown Toronto
  • Hours – Opens at 11:30 a.m. and operates till around 11:00 p.m.
  • Website - rudyresto.com

Johnny’s Hamburgers

How about we take it back to the old-school for our last choice?

Johnny’s is a classic hamburger place which has been in Toronto for over 50 years and people say that they never lost their taste.

Their specialty are their charcoal-broiled burgers which have a distinctive taste that has been maintained over the years.

Johnny's Hamburgers | Scarborough, Toronto, Burger joints

The Banquet Burger is what people like nowadays, but most of the time they prefer to go for the classic Hamburger with a milkshake on the side.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars and the greatest number of reviews over the years there is no doubt that it is the best place for your burger cravings and midnight cravings as well.

A review says:

“Wonderful people and place. Been going there for 3 decades now. Never ever had a problem with the food. It’s as good as always. Even though the staff have changed over the years they do remain friendly and kind like when I was 20 and going there at 2 am on Saturday to eat with my friends”

  • Address - 2595 Victoria Park Avenue.
  • Hours – Opens at 12 p.m. until 1 a.m. on regular days and 2 a.m. on weekends.
  • Website - johnnyshamburgers.com

Closing Thoughts

So, these were our top 5 recommended burger places based completely on people’s reviews and ratings across all platforms. The analysis was done keeping the most reviewed places in mind.

If you want to learn how to scrape Yelp reviews or other online reviews so you can do your own research like this piece, you can read our guides here: