There is a trend where every time Elon Musk tweets about a company, be it his or not, shares in said company rise. This has been seen countless times over the last few years, with both the stock price of Musk's company Tesla and cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin.

Every time Elon Musk tweets about a cryptocurrency the price of that token rises significantly as well.

So, whether you like him or not, Elon Musk has quickly become one of the most influential personalities in social media through his Twitter account, with the ability to move entire markets in a moment’s notice.

But what if you could know exactly when Elon is most likely to tweet? You could use this information to get ahead of stock market and crypto movements for a nice profit.

Today, we analyze Elon’s past tweets to determine when he’s most likely to post on his twitter profile.

How Elon Musk's tweets affect the stock market and cryptocurrency prices.

The rise can be explained with simple demand and supply economics, meaning that when there is more demand for a product than there is supply, prices will increase. In this case, Musk's tweets create an increase in demand by thousands of buyers who want to get their hands on stocks or cryptocurrencies they believe he will bring into the public eye.

As soon as Elon Musk talks about or tweets about a cryptocurrency it increases its "market cap," basically making each token more expensive because there are fewer coins in circulation due to the simple fact that many people have bought them up.

Similar effects have been seen with Tesla stocks every time Musk goes on a tweetstorm about the car company or sends out an email to employees. When Musk releases any sort of news about Tesla, the stock price increases significantly within minutes. This has been seen many times over the last decade, with both positive and negative press being spread about the company resulting in similar yet opposite effects on shares.

This can have the opposite effect though, just like on May 1st 2020 when Elon tweeted “Tesla stock price is too high imo”, tanking Tesla stock prices.

When Elon Musk first tweeted about Dogecoin, the joke cryptocurrency's worth increased by the thousands in mere minutes. There's no doubt that Elon Musk is an influential man.

As a result, every time this phenomenon happens, more anticipation is built up for Musk's next tweet. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When does Elon Musk tweet the most?

Elon Musk has a Twitter profile where he posts about his companies, cryptocurrencies, and responds to tweets sent to him by the public. The account has over 60 million followers at present, with that number increasing every day.

Knowing how Elon’s tweets can have sizable impacts on the prices of multiple stocks and cryptocurrencies, you might want to know when Elon tweets the most. This could play a part in a strategy to get ahead of potential market movements.

While, yes, you can set up alerts for each of Elon’s tweets. These will not be as efficient if you’re not ready to act on them or worse… asleep.

As a result, we scraped over 450 of Elon’s most recent tweets to determine the weekdays and times on which he tweets the most often. We did this using ParseHub, a free and powerful web scraper that can scrape data from any website, including Twitter.

For this dataset of Elon’s tweets, we ignored Retweets and Tweets sent as replies to others.

Additionally, all of the times in this article will be formatted in CST, as that is the Texas time zone in which Elon Musk currently lives.

Saturday Afternoons

It’s no surprise that Elon might have more time on his hands during the weekend. In fact, the large majority of his tweets are posted on Saturdays (UTC). 19..83% of Elon’s tweets are posted on this day.

More specifically, Elon seems to post the most on Saturday afternoons between 2pm and 6pm CST. 7.41% of Elon’s tweets were posted during this time block.

Early Thursday Morning

We have no knowledge of Elon’s personal schedule, but it seems Thursdays are quite open for him. In fact, Thursday (UTC) is the second most tweet-heavy day for Elon. 18,74% of his tweets are posted on Thursdays.

Elon might be a night owl since his second busiest tweet time is early Thursday morning, from 1am to 5am CST. 6.97% of his tweets are posted during this time block.

Thursday Afternoon

After so much early morning tweeting on Thursdays, we can only assume Elon goes for much needed rest (more on this later). However, his twitter activity picks up again around late afternoon.

4.79% of Elon’s tweets are posted on Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm CST. Making it his third most active time block.

Early Saturday Morning

Not only is Saturday night good for tweeting, so is Early Saturday morning. Seems like Elon likes to get on Twitter right after midnight.

In fact, 4.58% of Elon’s Tweets are posted on Saturday night between 12 and 4am. This makes it Elon’s 4th most active time block.

Wednesday Afternoon

In a tie for 4th most active time block, we have Wednesday afternoons. Despite being Elon’s second least active day overall (Only 11.98% of his tweets are posted on Wednesdays), this specific time block is incredibly active. Maybe he likes to check Twitter between Tesla and SpaceX meetings.

Either way, 4.58% of Elon’s Tweets are posted on Wednesday afternoons between 1pm and 5pm CST.

When does Elon Musk tweet the least?

It might come as a surprise, but Elon Musk is indeed not a machine. As far as we know.

So, it comes with no shock that there are specific time blocks in which Elon Musk rarely tweets. We can only assume he is either sleeping or busy working on one of his multiple companies during these times.

Here are Elon’s least active time blocks:

  • Tuesday Afternoon (6pm to 10pm CST) (0.22% of Tweets posted)
  • Thursday Morning (8am to noon CST) (0.22% of Tweets posted)
  • Early Wednesday Morning (3am to 7am CST) (0.44% of Tweets posted)
  • Tuesday Morning (9am to 1pm CST) (0.44% of Tweets posted)

Scraping Data from Twitter

Elon is not the only person on social media with enough influence to move stock and crypto markets. Therefore, you might be interested in scraping data from other Twitter users in order to identify their most active Twitter time blocks.

To do so, you can check out our guide on how to scrape data from Twitter, including tweets, images, dates, permalinks and more.

Whose timeline will you scrape?