In this tutorial, we will show you how to scrape any product on Samsung’s website for free, including mobile phones, laptops, monitors and more with ParseHub!

Samsung is a South Korean company, founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chull in Taegu, Korea. It started as a humble grocery company, exporting noodles to China. Now Samsung is one of the world's top electronic consumer goods companies. Samsung offers many products, from their well-known smartphones to high-quality appliances, televisions, accessories and smart products. With ParseHub, our free visual web scraper, you can scrape all sorts of Samsung products from their e-commerce website. You can also check out our other guide on scraping any e-commerce website.

Let’s begin scraping Samsung products!

Step 1: Preloading Products

  1. Firstly, open ParseHub on your PC, Mac or Linux system.
  2. Click the “New Project” button to begin.
  3. Enter the Samsung URL page you wish to scrape, we will be scraping Samsung Monitors with this URL:
  4. Once the page loads, scroll all the way down until you see the “view more” button.
  5. Click it to extract it, rename it to “viewMore” and expand it to delete the extractions.
  6. Click the PLUS(+) button next to your “viewMore” selection and choose “Click”.
  7. Choose “Yes” as we are loading more products.
  8. Finally, choose the additional amount of pages of products you want to scrape, we chose 2, to scrape 3 pages of products.
Preloading Samsung Products with Pagination
Preloading Samsung Products with Pagination

Step 2: Scraping Products

  1. Now that we have preloaded products, scroll up to the first product.
  2. Click the PLUS(+) button next to your page selection and choose “Select”.
  3. Click the first product’s name to extract it, then the second one to train the algorithm.
  4. Rename this extraction on the left to “product”.
Scraping Samsung Products
Scraping Samsung Products

Step 3: Scraping Prices

  1. Begin by clicking the PLUS(+) button next to your product selection, and choose “Relative Select”.
  2. Click the first product’s name, then hover over the price.
  3. Press and hold CTRL/CMD+2 on your keyboard, to zoom into the price.
  4. Click the price to close the Relative Selection.
  5. All prices should now be extracted, rename this extraction to “price” on the left pane.
Scraping Samsung Product Prices
Scraping Samsung Product Prices

Step 4: Scraping Even More Product Information

This is an optional step. If you would like to scrape the product IDs and descriptions, you can follow these steps:

  1. Begin by creating a new “Relative Select” on your “product” selection.
  2. Click the first product, then it’s “Learn More” button to extract it.
  3. Rename this selection to “learnMore” on the left.
  4. Expand it and delete the two extractions.
  5. Click the PLUS(+) button next to your “learnMore” extraction and choose “Click”.
  6. Choose “No” and create a new template.
  7. You can now make a number of selects, for SKU/IDs or product specs!

Step 5: Start Scraping

To begin scraping, click the green “Get Data” button on the left pane. You can Test, Run or Schedule your scrape on ParseHub’s servers.

Our product export.
Our Product Export

If you need help scraping Samsung products, or any other website, free free to contact our live chat support.

Happy Scraping! 💻