In this tutorial, we will show you how to scrape Dell products from their website using ParseHub, our free web scraper!

Dell Technologies was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell in Round Rock, Texas. Dell is owned by Dell Technologies, which sells desktop and laptop computers all over the world. They even sell peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, audio systems, printers, software and more. Dell is also known for their enterprise server computers. All of these products are easy to order right from Dell’s eCommerce website. Dell is the 3rd largest PC company in the world, right after Lenovo and HP, and is ahead of Apple, Acer and Asus. Dell’s net revenue has increased significantly since 1996 and is currently making over $100 billion dollars in revenue.

Let’s begin scraping Dell products!

Scraping Products

  1. Begin by opening the ParseHub application.
  2. Create your new project by clicking “New Project” on the home screen.
  3. Enter the Dell URL you would like to scrape from, we will be scraping Dell laptops:
  4. Once the page loads, click the first product’s name to extract it, the rest of the names should turn yellow.
  5. Now click the second product’s name; all product names should now turn green.
  6. Rename this selection on the left to “product”.
Scraping product name's on Dell's website.
Scraping product name's on Dell's website.

Scraping Prices

To scrape additional data, such as the price and specs from each product, we need to use ParseHub’s Relative Select tool:

  1. Begin by clicking the PLUS(+) icon next to the earlier “product” selection.
  2. Choose “Relative Select” and once again click the first product’s name.
  3. An arrow will appear, move your mouse to the product’s price, and click it.
  4. Do the same thing for the next product; first, click its name then click on its price.
  5. Rename this selection on the left to “price”.
  6. Optional: To remove the currency, expand the extraction and tick “Use regex”.
  7. Then click “Common Expressions” and click “Okay” on the first choice.
  8. All laptop prices should now be extracted!
Scraping prices of each Dell product.
Scraping prices of each Dell laptop.

Scraping Ratings and Specs

We will be using the Relative Select tool again; without the need for regular expressions.

  1. To scrape ratings, click the PLUS(+) icon next to your ‘product’ selection and click “Relative Select”.
  2. Click the first product’s name and then close the arrow by clicking on the rating.
  3. Rename this selection to ‘rating’, and expand it to delete the URL extraction.
  4. Now let’s scrape some specs, go ahead and do the “Relative Select” again on your product.
  5. This time click the product and then the processor, and rename this extraction to ‘cpu’.
  6. Finally, repeat this for the rest of the specs you require, such as the memory and storage!
Scraping additional Dell product details, such as storage and memory.
Scraping Dell laptop specs, such as CPU and Storage.

Scraping Multiple Pages (Pagination)

To scrape products from multiple pages, we will use ParseHub’s pagination.

  1. Firstly, scroll down the page until you see the nav bar.
  2. Click the PLUS(+) icon next to the “page” selection.
  3. Choose “Select” and click the “Next” button.
  4. Rename this selection on the left to “pagination” and expand it to delete the unnecessary column of data.
  5. Click the PLUS(+) icon next to the “pagination” selection you just made and choose “Click”.
  6. The popup will ask if this is a next page button, choose yes.
  7. You can now choose the additional amount of pages you would like to scrape.
  8. We chose three, which means 4 pages of scraped data in total!
Scraping multiple Dell product pages with ParseHub's pagination.
Scraping multiple pages of products, with pagination.

Start Dell Product Scraping

To start your scraping project, click the green “Get Data” button on the left pane. You can choose to test, run or schedule your scrape. We chose “Run” to scrape the 4 pages of data a single time:

Starting the Dell product scrape project.
Starting the scrape.

If you followed our tutorial correctly, your data should and columns should look like this:

ParseHub's scraped Dell product data export.
ParseHub's scraped Dell product data export.

If you are running into any issues, feel free to reach out to our live chat support. Here are some other scraping tutorials you may find helpful:

Happy Scraping! 💻