So, you’ve put together your next web scraping project.

You’ve found the data you want to scrape and set up your scraper to extract it.

But there’s a problem. Your web scraper is being blocked by the website you want to extract data from.

While this can be very frustrating, the fix is quite easy.

Here’s how to get around website blocks while web scraping.

Why Web Scrapers get Blocked by Websites

First, we have to understand the issue at hand.

Sometimes, when a website notices that an unfamiliar bot or spider is crawling their website, they will note the IP address they are coming from. They will then add this IP address to a temporary or permanent block list.

This way, they can prevent unfamiliar bots or spiders from crawling or scraping their website.

Unfortunately, this applies to web scrapers too. Which can result in your web scraper not scraping any data at all.

How to Stop Getting Blocked while Web Scraping

Now, how exactly can you get around IP blocks from websites when trying to scrape data?

Well, first, we’d recommend you use a web scraper that runs in the cloud. This way, the web scraper is not running off of your own local IP address.

Second, and most importantly, you will want to enable IP Rotation on your cloud-based web scraper. IP Rotation will let your web scraper use a different IP every time it makes a request from a website.

This way, even if the website is blocking some of the IPs your web scraping is using, your web scraper will be able to rotate to new IPs and avoid the blocks.

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A Cloud-Based Web Scraper with IP Rotation

ParseHub is a powerful web scraper that can extract data from any website.

Best of all, ParseHub has all the features we mentioned in this post that will allow you to circumvent websites that are blocking your IP.

Learn more about ParseHub and download it now to get scraping.

If you want to learn how to use it, check out our guide on how to scrape any website with ParseHub.

Happy Scraping!

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