Tim Hortons is a dream come true for all caffeine lovers. Ah, coffee. It's difficult to envision a day without it, whether you're carrying a travel mug to work or rushing out for a skinny latte after spin class. With Tim Hortons, you can find 100% Arabica coffee beans from all around the world by outstanding Canadian roasters.

Using ParseHub, our free visual web scraper, we scraped Canadian and UAE Tim Hortons’ locations and coffee drinking stats, to find the similarities and differences between the two countries.

Canadian Coffee Stats

Canada is ranked among the top 10 coffee-drinking countries! The only non-European nation on the list. Is Canada's high coffee consumption due to the country's climate?

Canada's winters can be extremely chilly, with temperatures occasionally dropping below -20°c. Coffee is a nice warm beverage on a cool morning with its rich, dark golden brew and complementing aroma.

Some statistics regarding coffee consumption in Canada:

  • Canadians consume more coffee than tap water!
  • The average Canadian coffee drinker consumes 2-3 cups per day.
  • The Canada Food Guide lists coffee as one of four "healthy drink options".
  • Approximately 1 in every 7,200 Canadians lives near one of Canada's 5,200 Tim Hortons’ locations.
  • Every year, Tim Hortons serves two billion coffees and 500 million donuts.
  • Tim Hortons has made over $6.5 billion in sales, over 1.1 billion from last year.

UAE Coffee Stats

Although the Emirates have a hot climate, they enjoy coffee, and tea as much as the rest of the world! In fact, since the 13th century, coffee has played an important role in the Arab world.

Coffee and tea are offered to visitors as a sign of hospitality and welcome in the Arabic culture. The word “coffee” itself is derived from the Arabic word: “Qahwa”.

Some statistics regarding coffee consumption in the UAE:

  • Each person consumes 3.5 kilograms of coffee a year on average.
  • The UAE spends more than $600 million dollars per year on coffee.
  • Over 6 million cups of coffee are consumed per day on average.
  • From 2021, there was a 20.6% increase in the coffee market in the UAE.

Differences and Similarities:

  • Tim Hortons does not serve pork in the UAE, to respect the Muslim community. In contrast, about a quarter of Canada’s menu contains some form of pork.
  • The rest of the menu which includes chicken, turkey and fish makes the menus in the two countries very similar, however, the Emiratis pay 2.5x more than Canadians!
  • The Emiratis pay 3x more than Canadians for a “French Vanilla”!
  • The Canadian menu has 142 items, with 64 drink options and 41 food items, whereas the UAE has 128 items, with 51 drinks and 30 food items.
  • Therefore, the UAE has 10% fewer items on their menu, 20% fewer drinks and 27% fewer food options.
  • The average drink price in Canada is $2.49 Canadian, whereas it’s $6.94 in the UAE.
  • UAE prices are tax inclusive, but still, the drinks are 246% more expensive than in Canada!

Tim Hortons Locations

With ParseHub, we scraped over 6,000 Tim Hortons locations around the world! Most of the locations are in the home country, Canada, running up with the neighboring United States.

Tim Hortons is in over 957 Canadian cities, 9 provinces and 3 territories. There are more than 5,000 Tim Hortons locations in Canada, with over 46% of them located in Ontario!

Tim Hortons operates 85 locations across 7 UAE cities, with 36 locations in Dubai and 21 in Abu Dhabi.

Concluding Thoughts

With our scraped data, we noticed a growing amount of Tim Horton locations throughout the years and will see a continuing increase. Although the 85 locations in the UAE are minuscule compared to the 5,000-plus locations in Canada, Emiratis are increasingly enjoying their warm caffeinated beverages!

The Emiratis are also paying over 246% more for their Timmie’s beverages, probably because it’s an international brand there, and a local one in Canada. Hopefully, the UAE can grow their Tim Hortons franchise locations, so they can share the love of Canadian coffee with their people!

If you enjoyed this article and would like to scrape your own data, try ParseHub for free!

Happy Scraping! ☕