Have you been patiently waiting for door-crashing Black Friday deals? With 2023 approaching, consumers and business owners are looking forward to the hottest products, at a reduced price!

Using Parse Hub, our free web scraper, we scraped the data related to Black Friday, its history and amazing deals worth taking this year. We also have a guide on web scraping any eCommerce website, which you can use to scrape your own deals and products!

With our data, we will help you take a closer look at the Black Friday deals, so you can be more informed when shopping for electronics, fashion, houseware or even products for your business.

Predictions for 2022 Black Friday Sales

According to all available web statistics, 2022 is likely to be full of bargains and deals across Canada and is expecting the most amount of sales growth ever. The figure below shows the sales to date and the anticipated sales for 2022. The data was scraped using ParseHub:

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History of Black Friday in Canada

The Friday following Thanksgiving is referred to as "Black Friday" in America. It traditionally signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US. Many retailers invest heavily in advertising during this period and prompt their best discounts. Some retailers extend their offers till Monday, for Cyber Monday or a full week, called Cyber Week.

Cross-border shopping in the United States attracted Canadians especially when the Canadian dollar was stronger. After 2001, many people crossed the border in search of deals. Beginning in 2008, Canadian retailers started their own Black Friday sales, to encourage more purchases within the country.

Top Offers of 2022

Today's top offers include huge savings on TVs like this Samsung 75-inch 4K TV on sale for $579.99 and the best-rated TV of 2022, the LG C2 OLED, on sale for $1,296.99. Looking for a budget set? BestBuy has smart TVs starting at just $79.99.

You'll also find record-low prices on Apple devices like the AirPods Pro 2 down to $199.99 and the 2021 iPad on sale for $269. More of our favourite Black Friday deals include the Ninja blender system for $99 and a massive discount on massage guns.

Is Black Friday still a one-day event?

No. Since several years ago, Black Friday, the shopping extravaganza, has been a multi-day affair as retailers attempt to increase excitement and sales.

"Even while official Black Friday sales will overlap with the actual holiday, it's crucial to keep in mind that they do not begin on that day, according to McGrath. "The Sunday before Thanksgiving is when they typically start and last all week.

Are products cheaper on Black Friday?

The week leading into Black Friday and the tech-focused deal day of Cyber Monday, are still likely your best bet to find the best discounts, experts say.

“The Black Friday, Cyber Monday rollout looks more like 2019 than the last two years,'' says Ali Mierzejewski, editor-in-chief of The Toy Insider, noting that shopping and selling patterns are settling down after being upended by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What To Buy on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the best day to shop, whether you need a big-screen TV or new headphones.

Large retailers often advertise their deals before Black Friday, and many have them running before and after the specific day. Specifically smaller consumer goods like headphones and earbuds "fall incredibly low on Black Friday," according to McGrath.

  • Due to the cost-of-living increases in recent months, discounts have grown.
  • Amazon Basics products have increased revenue by about 135%.
  • In September 2021 Amazon had about 9.9 billion product views, in 2022 that number jumped to 10.2 billion product views, an increase of almost 3%.

Canadian Stores Offering Price Match on Black Friday

A price match guarantee means you can buy an early Black Friday deal, and if the price drops later at that store, or maybe at another store, you can get the difference refunded. That means you can shop early without worrying about getting the absolute best deal. Just keep an eye on the price after you’ve bought your items.

Popular stores offering Black Friday price matches in Canada include:

  • Home Depot: If another retailer’s store or website offers a lower price, Home Depot will match and beat the price by 10%. Only products offered by online retailers will be matched.
  • The Bay: If you find a cheaper item at another retailer within 7 days of your purchase, check if a price match is available by visiting a store associate, calling, chatting, or emailing The Bay.
  • Canadian Tire: If the price drops within 14 days, you can return the item to the store with your sales receipt within the promotional period to get the difference refunded.
  • Best Buy: The price of any product marked with a “Black Friday Price Now” or “Black Friday Pricing” badge will stay the same through the Black Friday sale. If Best Buy does lower the price during that time, it will refund you the difference.

In Conclusion

Whether or not Black Friday shopping is worthwhile is ultimately a matter of opinion. A product may appear to be a good deal, but that does not guarantee that it is. Before major sales, make a list of the products you truly need, that way won’t be tempted by discounts on things you really don't need.

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