Every year, hundreds of companies go public in the stock exchange through an Initial Public Offering or IPO.

Through an IPO, shares of a company become available for trading to every trader. But how good is it to invest in IPOs? What were the biggest winners and losers of 2020?

We used ParseHub, a free and powerful web scraper to extract data on every single IPO on the US markets in 2020. We then use these data to find the top performing stocks of this group.

What are the Best IPOs of 2020

We picked the Best IPOs of 2020 by calculating the difference between the price of the stock when it first became available to trade and the price at the time of writing (February 18, 2021).

  • Inari Medical - NARI
  • Beam Therapautics - BEAM
  • Churchill Capital Corp IV - CCX
  • Greenwich LifeSciences - GLSI
  • CureVac - CVAC

Inari Medical | NARI - May 22, 2020 - Up 501.21%

With an IPO price of $19 and currently sitting at $114.23, Inari Medical shares have grown in price by 501.21%. Inari Medical is a medical-device company from Irvine, California.

The price of the stock has soared through 2020 mostly due to the success of their devices in treatment of several medical conditions including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Beam Therapeutics | BEAM - Feb 6, 2020 - Up 513.82%

Beam Therapeutics IPO’d at a price of $17 per share and currently sits at $104.35. That equals a growth of 513.82% since its IPO.

Beam Therapeutics focuses on the development of medicines for serious genetic diseases. The company has developed multiple medicines with high degrees of effectiveness through 2020, causing its stock price to soar. The company is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Churchill Capital Corp IV | CCX - Jul 30, 2020 - Up 528.15%

Churchill Capital Corp IV (Ticker: CCIV) IPO’d at a price of $10 and is currently sitting at $62.82 per share. CCIV is a unique stock in this list. In fact, the price of the stock remained relatively flat all through 2020.

However, rumours of their acquisition of Lucid Motors (an Electric Vehicles company) has caused their stock to rally through 2021 to all-time highs. The stock has even caught the attention of r/wallstreetbets during it’s bull run.

How will the stock price settle after the rumours become real (or not)? we’ll have to wait and see!

Greenwich LifeSciences | GLSI - Sep 25, 2020 - Up 556.09%

Greenwich LifeSciences stock price has gone from $5.75 up to $37.73 since their IPO. The company focuses on the development of medicine and treatments of multiple types of cancer.

The price of the stock has rallied over the last few months thanks to promising results coming from their treatment trials.

CureVac | CVAC - Aug 14, 2020 - Up 566.72%

2020 might as well be the year for medical company IPOs, with CureVac leading our list of the best IPOs of 2020. CureVac saw their stock price go from $16 to $106.68 per stock due to their development of COVID-19 vaccines.

With COVID cases rising through the year and good results coming out of their vaccine trials, CureVac became the most successful IPO of 2020 as per current prices.

Worst IPOs of 2020

As it often goes in the stock market, for each winner, there’s also a loser. Here are the worst performing IPO’s of 2020 as per their price at the time of writing (February 18, 2021).

  • Muscle Maker Inc - GRIL
  • Aditx Therapeutics - ADTX
  • GBS Inc - GBS
  • Progenity - PROG
  • Phoenix Tree Holdings - DNK

Muscle Maker Inc | GRIL - Feb 13, 2020 - Down -46.38%

Muscle Maker owns, operates and franchises Muscle Maker Grills and Healthy Joe’s restaurants. The stock price IPO’d at $5 and currently sits at $2.68 per share.

This is due mostly to the slowdown of the restaurant business through the COVID-19 pandemic and the business impacts of city-wide lockdowns across the US.

Aditx Therapeutics | ADTX - June 30, 2020 - Down -53.67%

Aditx Therapeutics IPO’d a price per share of $9 and currently sits at $4.17 per share. The company develops technology that seeks to improve the health of the immune system of patients.

Despite the promise of the company, it has struggled to meet earning goals since their IPO, resulting in their price dropping.

GBS Inc | GBS - Dec 23, 2020 - Down -56.12%

GBS develops biosensor technology and products, mainly, saliva glucose sensors. As you might have noticed, this company IPO’d pretty late into the year. However, it still failed to meet revenue and earning projections causing the price of their stock to plummet through early 2021.

Progenity | PROG - Jun 19, 2020 - Down -63.87%

Progenity is a biotech company that offers medical testing services to physicians and clinicians across the US.

Since their IPO their stock price has gone from $15 to $5.42. This large drop comes after concerns from investors on whether Progenity engaged in securities fraud or other illegal business practices and stock downgrades from multiple financial institutions.

Phoenix Tree Holdings | DNK - Jan 17, 2020 - Down -74.67%

Our list of the biggest losers ends with Phoenix Tree Holdings, which leases and rents apartments from property owners in China. Through 2020 their stock price went from $13.50 to $3.42.

Their price has dropped due to reports of the company being under investigation for allegations of financial exploitation while missing payments to property owners. The COVID pandemic has also left the company with lowering revenues and increasing costs.

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